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The chants on this recording are from the Birgittine Abbey, Maria Refugie in Uden, The Netherlands and this is the first time that chants from the rich collection in Maria Refugie have been recorded.

Toccata price: Sek. 125
As editor of the The Geatish society’s magazine, Geijer published his own poems in the spirit of the time and also his music settings of these.
Especially famous is Randel's composition and arrangement of F A Dahlgren’s play Värmlänningarna (1846), which for many years was a loved and recurrent feature of the repertoire of the Stockholm Opera.
Toccata price: Sek. 125
I have spent a great deal of my life exploring the secrets of the Italian bel canto, conveyed by David and my Father, and I have reached the conclusion that there are no secrets

Toccata price: Sek. 225

Catalogue No. CD name Price
CDA-1650 Jelena Jangfeldt-Jakubovitch - Returning Home 125 kr
CDA-1651 Brahms - Violin Sonatas 125 kr
CDA-1652 John Sax: Winterreise 125 kr
CDA-1653 Songs of the Heart 125 kr
CDA 1654 Stig Ribbing: Gustaviansk klavermusik 125 kr
CDA-1655-56 Lars Sellergren Vol.1 225 kr
CDA-1657 Precious Things 125 kr
CDA-1658 Var inte rädd för mörkret 125 kr
CDA-1659-60 Lars Sellergren Vol.2 225 kr
CDA-1661 Peterson-Berger - Waiting of Time 125 kr
CDA-1662-63 Lars Sellergren Vol.3 225 kr
CDA-1664 Toner vid Medelhavet 125 kr
CDA-1665 Yngve Sköld 125 kr
CDA-1666-67 Lars Sellergren plays Mozart 225 kr
CDA-1668 Maria Verbaite 125 kr
CDA-1669 Emil Sjögren - Songs 125 kr
CDA-1670 Loa Falkman: Schubert - Die Winterreise 125 kr
CDA-1671 Godowsky - Phonoramas 125 kr
CDA-1672-73 Lars Sellergren Vol.5 225 kr
CDA-1674 Romantic Quintets for Clarinet and String Quartet 125 kr
CDA-1675 Joseph Marx - Der Ton 125 kr
CDA 1676 Silver Tunes 125 kr
CDA 1677 Rare repertoire for Clarinet and Piano 125 kr
CDA 1678 Allan Pettersson - Complete Songs 125 kr
CDA 1679 Linde / Lasson - Various songs 125 kr
CDA 1680 Romantic silhousttes 125 kr
CDA 1681 Kaminski - Chamber music for clarinet 125 kr
CDA 1682 Torsten Mossberg: You held me dear 125 kr
CDA 1683 Romantic Quintets for Clarinet and String Quartet Vol.2 125 kr
CDA-1684 Grieg - Violin sonatas 125 kr
CDA-1685 Wartenzee/Huber/Andreae - Lieder 125 kr
CDA-1686 Flotow / Offenbach - Works for Piano and cello 125 kr
CDA-1687 Erik Boström - Organ Music by Bach and Reger 125 kr
CDA-1688 Nordic Cello soul 125 kr
CDA-1689 Siv Wennberg - A Great Primadonna Vol.1 - Liederkonzert 125 kr
CDA-1690/92 Siv Wennberg - A Great Primadonna Vol.2 - Tristan and Isolde 290 kr
CDA-1693 Margareta Dellefors - Limelight and Limestone 125 kr
CDA-1694 Classical Quartets for clarinet and string trio 125 kr
CDA-1695 Maria Khilgren, piano 125 kr
CDA-1696/98 Siv Wennberg - A Great Primadonna Vol.3 - Die Frau ohne Schatten 290 kr
CDA-1699 Fanny Hensel 125 kr
CDA-1800/01 Siv Wennberg - A Great Primadonna Vol.4 - Arias, Duettes and Scenes 225 kr
CDA-1802/03 Siv Wennberg - A Great Primadonna Vol.6 - Maskeradbalen 225 kr
CDA-1804/05 Siw Wennberg - A Great Primadonna Vol.5 - Arias and Songs with Orchestra 225 kr
CDA-1806/07 Laila Andersson-Palme - From Queen of the night to Elektra 225 kr
CDA-1808 Love Almqvist - Mitt väsendes ton 125 kr
CDA-1809/10 Siw Wennberg - A Great Primadonna Vol.7 - Recital from Skansen 225 kr
CDA-1811/12 Siw Wennberg - A Great Primadonna Vol.8 - New Year's Concert - Songs with piano 225 kr
CDA-1813/16-2 Richard Wagner: Götterdämmerung 290 kr
CDA-1817 Novosax 125 kr
CDA-1818 To Cecilia - Swedish Love Songs 125 kr
CDA-1819 Iwa Sörenson - Poetic & Romantic Songs 125 kr
CDA-1820/21 Kurt Weill: A portrait - from Berlin to New York 225 kr
CDA-1822/23 The art of Singing: Lars Björling 225 kr
CDA-1824/25 Staffan Björklund-Jullander: Improvisations, Concert Etudes & Meditations 225 kr
CDA-1826/27 The art of Signing: Lars Björling Vol.2 225 kr
CDA-1828-2 Maria! Maria! 125 kr
CDA-1829-2 Geijer / Randel - String Quartets 125 kr
CDA-1832/33 The art of Signing: Lars Björling Vol.3 225 kr

Catalogue No. CD name Price
CDB-1700 Gramophone 1899 - Sweden first gramophone records 240 kr
CDB-1702 Ur Iduns Skafferi 125 kr

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