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This recording of part 4 of Wagner epic work, the Ring, was done in 1987 where Aarhus symphony orchestra and the Jutland choir assist Laila-Andersson Palme and Elliot Palay performing Götterdämmerung.

Toccata price: Sek. 290
Sankta Cecilia has since the middle ages been regarded as the patron saint of music, and above all the church music. She is portrayed with musical instruments on a variety of paintings and the organ has been her special attribute.
Toccata price: Sek. 125
All music (except Bellman) on this double CD is either improvised or composed by me. Part in a freer form, others with a more solid structure. As a bonus, there is an arrangement of the first movement from Mozart's Symphony No. 40
Toccata price: Sek. 225

Catalogue No. CD name Price
CDA-1650 Jelena Jangfeldt-Jakubovitch - Returning Home 125 kr
CDA-1651 Brahms - Violin Sonatas 125 kr
CDA-1652 John Sax: Winterreise 125 kr
CDA-1653 Songs of the Heart 125 kr
CDA 1654 Stig Ribbing: Gustaviansk klavermusik 125 kr
CDA-1655-56 Lars Sellergren Vol.1 225 kr
CDA-1657 Precious Things 125 kr
CDA-1658 Var inte rädd för mörkret 125 kr
CDA-1659-60 Lars Sellergren Vol.2 225 kr
CDA-1661 Peterson-Berger - Waiting of Time 125 kr
CDA-1662-63 Lars Sellergren Vol.3 225 kr
CDA-1664 Toner vid Medelhavet 125 kr
CDA-1665 Yngve Sköld 125 kr
CDA-1666-67 Lars Sellergren plays Mozart 225 kr
CDA-1668 Maria Verbaite 125 kr
CDA-1669 Emil Sjögren - Songs 125 kr
CDA-1670 Loa Falkman: Schubert - Die Winterreise 125 kr
CDA-1671 Godowsky - Phonoramas 125 kr
CDA-1672-73 Lars Sellergren Vol.5 225 kr
CDA-1674 Romantic Quintets for Clarinet and String Quartet 125 kr
CDA-1675 Joseph Marx - Der Ton 125 kr
CDA 1676 Silver Tunes 125 kr
CDA 1677 Rare repertoire for Clarinet and Piano 125 kr
CDA 1678 Allan Pettersson - Complete Songs 125 kr
CDA 1679 Linde / Lasson - Various songs 125 kr
CDA 1680 Romantic silhousttes 125 kr
CDA 1681 Kaminski - Chamber music for clarinet 125 kr
CDA 1682 Torsten Mossberg: You held me dear 125 kr
CDA 1683 Romantic Quintets for Clarinet and String Quartet Vol.2 125 kr
CDA-1684 Grieg - Violin sonatas 125 kr
CDA-1685 Wartenzee/Huber/Andreae - Lieder 125 kr
CDA-1686 Flotow / Offenbach - Works for Piano and cello 125 kr
CDA-1687 Erik Boström - Organ Music by Bach and Reger 125 kr
CDA-1688 Nordic Cello soul 125 kr
CDA-1689 Siv Wennberg - A Great Primadonna Vol.1 - Liederkonzert 125 kr
CDA-1690/92 Siv Wennberg - A Great Primadonna Vol.2 - Tristan and Isolde 290 kr
CDA-1693 Margareta Dellefors - Limelight and Limestone 125 kr
CDA-1694 Classical Quartets for clarinet and string trio 125 kr
CDA-1695 Maria Khilgren, piano 125 kr
CDA-1696/98 Siv Wennberg - A Great Primadonna Vol.3 - Die Frau ohne Schatten 290 kr
CDA-1699 Fanny Hensel 125 kr
CDA-1800/01 Siv Wennberg - A Great Primadonna Vol.4 - Arias, Duettes and Scenes 225 kr
CDA-1802/03 Siv Wennberg - A Great Primadonna Vol.6 - Maskeradbalen 225 kr
CDA-1804/05 Siw Wennberg - A Great Primadonna Vol.5 - Arias and Songs with Orchestra 255 kr
CDA-1806/07 Laila Andersson-Palme - From Queen of the night to Elektra 255 kr
CDA-1808 Love Almqvist - Mitt väsendes ton 125 kr
CDA-1809/10 Siw Wennberg - A Great Primadonna Vol.7 - Recital from Skansen 255 kr
CDA-1811/12 Siw Wennberg - A Great Primadonna Vol.8 - New Year's Concert - Songs with piano 255 kr
CDA-1813/16-2 Richard Wagner: Götterdämmerung 290 kr
CDA-1817 Novosax 125 kr
CDA-1818 To Cecilia - Swedish Love Songs 125 kr
CDA-1819 Iwa Sörenson - Poetic & Romantic Songs 125 kr
CDA-1820/21 Kurt Weill: A portrait - from Berlin to New York 225 kr
CDA-1822/23 The art of Singing: Lars Björling 255 kr
CDA-1824/25 Staffan Björklund-Jullander: Improvisations, Concert Etudes & Meditations 255 kr

Catalogue No. CD name Price
CDB-1700 Gramophone 1899 - Sweden first gramophone records 240 kr
CDB-1702 Ur Iduns Skafferi 125 kr

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