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Disc No: CDA-1676 I wanted to have a variety of works on this recording, including works by women, and to explore some lesser-known repertoire. Most of the works are by American, Swedish and French composers, and they range from Hildegard´s O eterne Deus from the 12th century to Lowell Liebermann´s Air from 2009.
von Kock - Night Winds

Langlais - Five Pieces V

Roman - Sonata G major III Larghetto

Bingen - O eterne Deus

Price: Sek. 125
Name: Silver Tunes
  Music for flute and organ
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Koch, Erland von (1910-2009) Silver Tunes - Dawn
Elivi Varga, flute
Olle Långström, organ
Koch, Erland von Silver Tunes - Sun Dance
Koch, Erland von Silver Tunes - Twilight
Koch, Erland von Silver Tunes - Night Winds
Langlais, Jean (1907-1991) Five Pieces
Thomas, August Read (1964-) Angel Tears
Thomas, August Read Earth Prayers
Debussy, Claude (1862-1918) Syrinx
Liebermann, Lowell (1961-) Air
Roman, Johan Helmlich (1694-1758) Sonata
G major
Löfberg, Maria (1968-) Sonata - Choral
Gluck, Christoph Willibald (1714-1787) Minuet and Dance of the Blessed - Spirits
Bingen, Hildegard von (1098-1179) O eterne Deus

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