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May 2017 CD name Price
CDA-1820/21 Kurt Weill: A portrait - from Berlin to New York 225 kr
Kurt Weill was a completely groundbreaking composer in that he, along with Bertolt Brecht developed the characteristic cabaret style (Song) inspired by the American jazz music, minstrel shows and vaudeville with influences from Jewish klezmer music.
April 2017 CD name Price
CDO-1111/12 Svart är vitt - sa Kejsaren 280 kr
The fairytail opera by Laci Boldemann had its premiere on New Years day 1965 and are staged in the orient in the beginning of the Christian era, about the time when three wise men were seaching for a star.
March 2017 CD name Price
CDA-1817 Novosax 125 kr
The saxophone, being a modern instrument, has a very recent musical literature that covers all the 20th century, which includes all the new compositive languages and stimulates the composers’ creativity.
CDA-1819 Iwa Sörenson - Poetic & Romantic Songs 125 kr
The Swedish soprano Iwa Sörenson studied at the Music Academies in Gothenburg and Cologne and at the Opera School in Gothenburg. She made her opera début in Don Pasquale at Malmö Opera och Musikteater in 1978
February 2017 CD name Price
CDM-3003 Peter Lindroth - in our time… 159 kr
Peter Lindroth är synnerligen mångsidig. Han har hållit på med dansband och pop men är nu på heltid tonsättare. Hans mångsidighet har resulterat i en synnerligen varierad CD. En helt fascinerande utgåva i sin variationsrikedom.
August 2016 CD name Price
CDA-1808 Love Almqvist - Mitt väsendes ton 125 kr
Lennart Hedwall spelar Love Almqvist pianostycken från Mitt väsendes ton och Fria Fantasier för piano. Love Almqvist är en av de få ännu aktuella svenska författarna före Strindberg
June 2016 CD name Price
CDO 1108/10-2 Wilhelm Stenhammar - Gillet på Solhaug 290 kr
Man kan i mångt och mycket se Stenhammars Gillet som ett av många nordiska försök att koppla ihop det wagnerska musikdramat med den nationalromantiska traditionen
December 2015 CD name Price
CDA-1809/10 Siw Wennberg Vol.7 - Recital from Skansen 255 kr
Recorded at Skansen Stockholm 18th July 1993 / Recorded at Stockholm Opera house 17. apr 1993
CDA-1811/12 Siw Wennberg Vol.8 - New Year's Concert - Songs with piano 255 kr
Recorded at Junsele 10.july 1986 / Confidensen 25.maj 2000 / Chicago 5.Apr 1991 / Katarina kyrka, Stockholm 1.jan 2004
CDA-1699 Fanny Hensel 125 kr
In 1843, Fanny put together an album with piano pieces that she gave to the brother Felix for his birthday. It is a well balanced collection with an ambitious title. They were published in separate collections by Robert Lienau Musikverlag in 1997 and the complete suite has not earlier been released on CD
CDS 1106-2 Richardo Castro 159 kr
This present album is an outstanding accomplishment of great historical importance, as it brings together the first examples of a symphonic poem, piano and cello concertos ever composed in Latin America.
October 2015 CD name Price
CDA-1804/05 Siw Wennberg Vol.5 - Arias and Songs with Orchestra 255 kr
This fifth volume in the Sterling series includes performances of famous opera arias and some rare ones. The sleepwalker scene in the Lady Mackbeth includes a high D flat in pianissimo at the end, a world class performance where Siv Wennberg have few peers.
SWM Siw Wennberg Memoarer - Jag sjunder ut! 298 kr
Siv Wennberg har, mellan alla upptredande och engagement fått tid att dela med sig av sitt liv i bokform. Det blir lite avslöjande, några höjer nog på ögonbrynen medans andra kan bli lite arga. Det är så med memoarer.
July 2015 CD name Price
CDA-1802/03 Siv Wennberg Vol.6 - Maskeradbalen 255 kr
This is the recording of the 1985 performance in Stockholm. The lead role is performed by Nicolai Gedda and Siv Wennberg sings Ameila. This recording was broadcasted live on the 16th of December and has not been released on CD earlier

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