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How to?

How to.......find a recording in the database

  1. Select 'search' in the menu on the left-hand side
  2. Enter the desired criteria in the selected field
    - Composer : complete or partial
    - Opus : The overall numbers done by the composer. Mozart has an index of more than 600 pieces.
    - Name : Name or nickname of a musical piece. Moonlight, Eroica or poem.
    - Key : If you know what key the piece is composed in, it is a useful criteria.

    By selecting the composer and a key, the total hits would be reduced to a manageable quantity.

    - CD Name : Use this field if you have seen a CD somewhere and
    noted the serial no. or the name of the CD.
    - Label : As it says.
    - Performer: Just input the orchestra, conductor or the solo performer.
  3. By using the fields on the right you are limiting the output.
    - Case sensitive: Here the output will be displayed according to the selected case in the input field(s).
    - Exact match : Helps comparing the input field against the complete field in the datase. Use with caution!
    - Sort by : Define in which order the output is displayed. Opus is the default but
    could be changed to Composer, Music name or Performer.
  4. Just hit 'search' button
  5. If you found nothing, please check the spelling. Tchaikovsky and Khatchaturean are spelled in many variations.
  6. If you found too many, please type some more information. It may reduce the number of hits.
    - Is it a 'A minor' piece?
    - Is it a concerto?
    - Did Naxos record it?

How to.......find a product in the directory

  1. First select the items you are searching for CD's , Video or Games
    The videos are mainly for the Nordic audience. The language is Swedish.
    The computer games are in four languages.
  2. If you select 'CD list' you will enter an index page presenting the different CD labels.
  3. Click on the link to display the number and title of the CD's.
  4. To enhance the details on each CD just click on the link and the details will be revealed.
  5. Just below the picture on the right hand side is the word 'Order' or the Swedish 'Beställa'
  6. Click on 'Order' and an order information page is displayed. If the Swedish page is displayed,
    please select the English page.

How to.......order

  1. Move to Order Form
  2. Enter receiver and items
  3. Calculate the sum incl. P&P
  4. Submit the order

Items in stock are shipped the next day, otherwise within two weeks
E-mail is issued on recieving an order and when items are shipped.

Postage and packing

  • SKr. 54 - Within Sverige
  • SKr. 95 - Rest of the world
  • + SKr. 34 - COD within Sweden (added fee)


  • Swedish Bankgiro 5272-1289
  • Pay by Invoice within Sweden
  • Fokus Bank, Norge
  • Paypal international payment service
  • 4 major Credit card via Paypal payment service

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