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This CD has been planned as a cross-section through the Romantic age and commences with Robert Schumann Abegg Variations, a work of his youth filled with youthfull freshness and gaiety. Then we have the *Paganini of the Piano* Franz Liszt, who presents a challenge, since the virtuosity is obvious in his works. The virtuoso loses himself in his instrument and in his own secretive life. Max Reger would and could transgress the limits, according to his mood. Silhousttes is exciting music where each piece is created with a sense of melody and firm with its own special character.
Abegg-variations Op.1 - Cantabile

Hungarian Rhapsody No.6 - Andante

Silhouettes Op.53 No.1

Zwei Klavierstück - Toccata

Disc No: CDA-1680
Price: Sek. 125
Name: Romantic silhousttes

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Schumann, Robert (1810-1856) Abegg-variations - Theme - Animato
Maria Kihlgren, piano
Schumann, Robert Abegg-variations - Variations I
Schumann, Robert Abegg-variations - Variations II
Schumann, Robert Abegg-variations - Variations III
Schumann, Robert Abegg-variations - Cantabile
Schumann, Robert Abegg-variations - Finale a la Fantasia
Schumann, Robert Fantasiestück - Des Abends
Schumann, Robert Fantasiestück - Aufschwung
Schumann, Robert Fantasiestück - Warum
Schumann, Robert Fantasiestück - Grillen
Liszt, Franz (1811-1886) Nocturne - Liebestraum
Op.62 No.3
Liszt, Franz Hungarian Rhapsody No.6 - Tempo guisto
Liszt, Franz Hungarian Rhapsody No.6 - Andante
Reger, Max (1873-1916) Silhouettes
Op.53 No.1
Reger, Max Silhouettes
Op.53 No.2
Reger, Max Silhouettes
Op.53 No.3
Reger, Max Silhouettes
Op.53 No.4
Reger, Max Silhouettes
Op.53 No.5
Reger, Max Silhouettes
Op.53 No.6
Reger, Max Silhouettes
Op.53 No.7
Schoeck, Otmar (1886-1957) Zwei Klavierstück - Consolation
Schoeck, Otmar Zwei Klavierstück - Toccata

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