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Musica Sveciae

Due to changes in the distribution chain the continued sale of this label
is both timeconsuming and costly.
Therefore this label is no longer avaliable through Toccata apart from
the remaining stock, which is listed below:
Sorry for the inconvinience
Catalogue Name Price
MSCD-103 The Historia of St. Erik 155 kr
MSCD-302 Music across the Baltic 155 kr
MSCD-303 Schmezer, Georg - Virtue and Glory 155 kr
MSCD-305 Gustavus Rex and Christina Regina 155 kr
MSCD-306 / 307 Music at the Royal Palace 260 kr
MSCD-405 Roman - Solo Concertos 155 kr
MSCD-413 Roman - Cantats 155 kr
MSCD-414 Kraus - String Quartets 155 kr
MSCD-415 Kraus - Chamber Music 155 kr
MSCD-419 Kraus - Sinfonia 155 kr
MSCD-425 String Quartets 155 kr
MSCD-426 Gustavian Opera 155 kr
MSCD-502 Hägg - Piano Piecés 155 kr
MSCD-512 Norman - Orchestral Music 155 kr
MSCD-513 Söderman - from the play Marsk Stigs döttrar 155 kr
MSCD-518 Norman - Chamber Music 155 kr
MSCD-519 Geijer - Songs 155 kr
MSCD-520 Berwald - String Quartets and Septet 155 kr
MSCD-522 String Quintets 155 kr
MSCD-523 Berwald - Estrella de Soria (highlights from the opera) 155 kr
MSCD-524 Cello Sonatas 155 kr
MSCD-525 Söderman / Norman - songs 155 kr
MSCD-612 Lyrical Songs for mixed choir 155 kr
MSCD-614 Alfven - Bergakungen (The Mountain King) 155 kr
MSCD-618 Music at the Royal Dramatic Theatre 155 kr
MSCD-619 Peterson-Berger - Songs 155 kr
MSCD-620 Orchestral Music 155 kr
MSCD-628 Swedish Piano Lyrics 155 kr
MSCD-629 Rangström - Songs 155 kr
MSCD 907 Musical portrait - Franz Berwald 155 kr
MSCD 908 Musical portrait - Peterson-Berger, Wilhelm 155 kr