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Nr. Title
PCS-1007 Marchand - Pieces de Clavercin
PCS-1027 Grieg - Four Hymns
PCS-1034 Contemporary Church music from Scandinavia
PSC-1035 Britten / Tchaikovsky - Chamber Music
PSC-1039 The Contemporary Double bass
PSC-1043 HRH Sonja Music Competition 1988 Vol.2
PSC-1054 Brahms - Violin Sonatas
PSC-1060 Prokofiev - Symphony no.7
PSC-1063 Chopin / Schumann - Cello music
PSC-1064 Strauss / Martinu - Concertos
PCS-1085 Norwegian Rhapsodies
PCS-1097 Svendsen - Music For Strings
PCS-1112 Ravel - Music for Piano
PSC-1128 Carl Nielsen String Quartets
PSC-1138 Nordic Masterpieces
PSC-1157 Double Bass
PSC-1158 Tellefsen: Arco
PCS-1193 Klaus Egge - Sonata for violin
PSC-1214 Lindeman - Organ Works
PSC-1226 Tellefsen - Chamber Works
PSC-1242 Organum Norvegica, vol. 1
PSC-1257 Keiberg - Requiem
PSC-3118 Irgens-Jensen - Tema con variazioni
PSC-3124 Säverud - Orchestal music Vol.1

C: Toccata 2007