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Way up in the mountains of Norway there is a beautiful baroque organ in a small church. Terje Winge has chosen this instrument as the first in his series Organum Norvegica, and he presents the music of Grigny combined with the music J.S. Bach wrote inspired by the French organ idiom. This is a beautiful rarity from the North.
Disc No: PSC 1242
Price: Sek. 163
Name: Grigny & Bach
 Organum Norvegica, vol. 1

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Grigny, Nicolas de   Veni Creator, en taille ą 5   Terje Winge, Pičce d'orgue, the Kaliff organ (1996) in Ål Church
Grigny, Nicolas de   Verbum Supernum  
Grigny, Nicolas de   Pange lingua, en taille ą 4  
Grigny, Nicolas de   Ave Maris Stella  
Grigny, Nicolas de   A Solis Hortus  
Bach, Johann Sebastian   Fantasi C minor
Bach, Johann Sebastian   An Wasserflūssen Babylon  
Bach, Johann Sebastian   Fugue G major

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