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Disc No: PSC 1157
Price: Sek. 163
Name: Double Bass

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Berio, Luciano   PSY   Dan Styffe, double bass
Öistein Birkeland, cello
Atle Sponberg, violin
Gonzalo Moreno, piano
Henze, Hans Werner   Serenade  
Hindemith, Paul   Sonata for Double bass and Piano  
Schnittke, Alfred   Hymnus II  
Sommerfeldt, Öistein   Monologi  
Guettler, Knut   Variations on Greenleeves  
Yun, Isang   Together, for violin and double bass  
Rabbath   Ode d'espagne  
Gubaidulina, Sofia   Sonata pantomime  

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