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On 9/11 2004 the Requiem for the Victims of Nazi Persecution was performed in the Washington National Cathedral for the first time in the US, and broadcast across the nation. The Norwegian composer Ståle Kleiberg is the man behind the music performed in memory of the terror tragedy in 2001.

The work was commissioned by the Nidaros Cathedral in 2001. Written for 3 vocal soloists, choir and orchestra the work stands well in the tradition for a Missa di Requiem - a mass for the dead. Norwegian composer Ståle Kleiberg has written it in memory of all those who were victims because of their ethnic origin or sexual orientation during the Nazi-regime of the last century. After hearing the world premiere conductor Michael McCarthy was so moved by this music that he wanted to perform the piece with his own choir of the Washington National Cathedral.
Disc No: PSC 1257
Price: Sek. 163 (SACD)
Name: Requiem For The
 Victims Of Nazi Persecution

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Kleiberg, Ståle   Requiem Aeternam   The Choirs Of Washington National Cathedral
Washington National Cathedral Chamber
Noémi Kiss, soprano
Catherine King, mezzo-soprano
Christian Hilz, baritone
Kleiberg, Ståle   Dies Irae  
Kleiberg, Ståle   The Yellow Triangle: Jews  
Kleiberg, Ståle   Kyrie  
Kleiberg, Ståle   The Brown Triangle: Gypsies  
Kleiberg, Ståle   Agnus Dei  
Kleiberg, Ståle   The Pink Triangle: Homosexuals  
Kleiberg, Ståle   Psalm 13  
Kleiberg, Ståle   Libera Me  
Kleiberg, Ståle   In Paradisum  

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