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Bandleader and Bandboy label are special label for brass band and military band. The English tradition for military bands are very strong with noumuros regimental band across the United Kingdom. Here is a album with recognizable themes from war films as Lawrence of Arabia, Schindlers LIst and Force 10 form Navarone
Toccata price: Sek. 170

Catalogue No. CD name Price
5132 The Band of the Life Guards 170 kr
5137 Days of Glory 170 kr
5140 The Great Marches Vol.9 170 kr
5152 Marches for the Connoisseur 170 kr
5153 World Traveller Marches for Brass Band 170 kr
5156 Marches of the Two World Wars 170 kr
5159 The Great Marches Vol.10 170 kr
5161 Waterloo 170 kr
5162 In Celebration 170 kr
5207 British Imperial Military Band 170 kr
5209 Marches From The Classics 170 kr
BB2 Life on the ocean wave 170 kr
BB9 The Cream of the Guards 170 kr
BB10 We'll keep the home fires burning 170 kr
BB22 Great War themes 170 kr

Toccata Jul. 2002