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Disc No: BNA 5152
Price: Sek. 170
Name: Marches for the Connoisseur

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Grafulla, C. S.   Washington Grays   The Regimental Band of the Coldstream guards
Lloyd   Scarlet and Gold  
Blankenburg, H.   Action Front  
Safroni, A   Imperial Echoes  
Lotter, Adolf   The Peacemaker  
Bidgood, Thomas   Sons of the Brave  
Hall, R. B.   General Michell  
Wagner, J. E.   Under the double Eagle  
Laukien   Through night to light  
Sousa, John Philip   The fairest of the fair  
Seitz, R.   Grandioso  
Elliot, Lorenzo   British eighth  
Lowell. H.B.   Young courageous  
Hume, J.   Second to none  
Blon, Franz von   Under the banner fo Victory  
Plater, F. J.   March of the King's men  
Bashford, Rodney   Captain of the Guards  
Marchall, D. J.   The Western Front  
Hume, J.   To the Front  
Marchall, D. J.   St. Petroc  
Ancliffe, Charles   The Liberators  
Stanley, Leo   The Iron Duck  
Zehle, Wilhelm   Europe United  

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