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Disc No: BNA 5156
Price: Sek. 170
Name: Marches of the
  Two World Wars

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Alford, Kenneth   Colonel Bogey   The Band of the Irish Guards
Alford, Kenneth   Th great Little Army  
Alford, Kenneth   Voices of the Guns  
Marchal, E   Machine gun Guards  
Alford, Kenneth   On the Quartetdeck  
Alford, Kenneth   The Middy  
Bidgood, Thomas   Vimy Ridge  
Alford, Kenneth   The Vanished Army  
Sousa, John Philip   US field Artillery March  
Stanley, Leo   The contemptibles  
Sousa, John Philip   Solid men to the front  
Alford, Kenneth   Army of the Nile  
Alford, Kenneth   Eagle Squadron  
Cortland, Erwin van   Flying Fortress March  
Elliot, Lorenzo   British Eighth  
Willcocks, G. H.   Guards Armoured Division  
Stanley, Leo   Alamein  
Kelly, A. E.   Arromanches  
Rodgers, Richard   Guadalcanal March  
Kelly, A. E.   Arnhem  
Parker, Charlie   American Legion  
Bidgood, Thomas   The Royal British Legion March  

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