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Auber is the very essence of French opera. His importance during his lifetime was signifacant. Most French composers of this period were influenced by him. Today, however, not many works by him have been able to maintain a place in the standard repertoire.
Originally, Auber wrote his work as a sideline and somtimes under a pseudonym 'La Marre'. His works, however, was highly regarded by the Paris audience. Aubert became famous with 'La Muette de Portici'. When hi died in 1871, musical history had perhaps overtaken him - but he surpasses many of his contemporaries in style and wit.
Bo Hyttner, 2001 (exerpts)
Disc No: CDS-1039-2
Price: Sek. 185
Name: Francois Auber


ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Francois Auber   Jenny Bell - Overture   Gothenburg Opera Orchestra - B. Tommy Andersson
Francois Auber   La Siréne - Overture  
Francois Auber   Vendôme en Espange - Bolero  
Francois Auber   Vendôme en Espange - Air pour le second ballet  
Francois Auber   La Dieu et la bayadère - Overture  
Francois Auber   La Dieu et la bayadère - No.5 Ballet  
Francois Auber   La Muette de Portini Ballet  
Francois Auber   Le Premier Jour de bonheur - Overture  
Francois Auber   Overture  

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