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August Söderman (1832 - 76) occupies a special position among nineteenth-century Swedish composers; he was the one who indisputably succeeded in creating an individual style with folk-music as its basis, and therefore stands out as Sweden's first 'national romantic'. Also - in particular with his solo ballads and choral songs - he influenced a whole series of later composers, and many composers expressed their admiration for him and were inspired by his distingtive melodic character.
Disc No: CDS-1040-2
Price: Sek. 185
Name: Söderman
Orchestral Music


ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
August Söderman   Concert Overture F major Symphony Orchestra of Norrlands Opera - Roy Goodman
August Söderman   Zohrab  
August Söderman   The wedding at Ulfåsa - Wedding march  
August Söderman   King Karl XV's Funeral march  
August Söderman   A sailor's life - Intermezzo  
August Söderman   Burlesque  
August Söderman   Swedish folk-songs and Folk-dances  
August Söderman   Cermonial Polonaise  
August Söderman   Bellman - Vila vid denna källa  
August Söderman   Bellman - Hör klockorna med ängstlig dån  
August Söderman   Bellman - I januari månad,Gutår!  
August Söderman   Bellman - Fjäriln vingad syns på Haga  
August Söderman   Bellman - Se menigheten, hör på trumpeten  
August Söderman   Bellman - Undan ur vägen, se hur profossen  
August Söderman   Die Jungfrau von Orleans - Overture  

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