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One of Sweden most respected producer of classical
and contemporary music

Due to changes in the distribution chain the continued sale of this label
is both timeconsuming and costly.
Therefore this label is no longer avaliable through Toccata apart from
the remaining stock, which is listed below:
Sorry for the inconvinience
Catalogue Title Price
PSCD 721 Natanael Berg 174 kr
PSCD 713 Gunnar de Frumerie 174 kr
PSCD 151 Viola con forza 174 kr
PSCD 148 Trio Con Forza 174 kr
PSCD 73 Christina-scener 174 kr
PSCD 58 (2CD) FST-75 Śr 520 kr
PSCD 55 Saxophone Concerto 174 kr

Toccata, May 2009