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Huber achieved his most enduring and greatest effect in his symphonies. Strange as it may seem, it is nevertbeless discemible that, even in his symphonies, Huber reveals himself to be Swiss to the core'
(W. Reitz)

The eight symphonies of Hans Huber,ber are the works in which be expressed himself most clearly and with the greatest individuality. Huber's symphonies cover a span of some forty years
Disc No: CDS-1037-2
Price: Sek. 185
Name: Symphony No.3 - 6


ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Hans Huber Op.118 Symphony No. 3, 'Heroische' C major Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra - Jörg-Peter Weigle
Barbara Baier, soprano
Stephan Leuthold, organ
Hans Huber Op.134 Symphony No. 6 A major

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