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Intim Musik

Due to changes in the distribution chain the continued sale of this label
is both timeconsuming and costly.
Therefore this label is no longer avaliable through Toccata apart from
the remaining stock, which is listed below:
Sorry for the inconvinience

Catalogue No. CD name Price
IMCD 113 Elfrida Andrée, pianostycken 175 kr
IMCD 111 Maurice Karkoff; Selected Piano Music 175 kr
IMCD 099 Swedish piano romanticism 175 kr
IMCD 098 Elfrida Andrée : Svensk Mässa nr 1 (1902) 175 kr
IMCD 085 Fujita Piano Trio 175 kr
IMCD 083 Haydn - The Violin Concertos 175 kr
IMCD 076 Musica Vitae plays… 175 kr
IMCD 073 The Morlanda Organ - A Historical Swedish organ 175 kr
IMCD 069 Nordic Favorites for String Orchestra 175 kr
IMCD 050 Beethoven String Quartets Vol.III 175 kr
IMCD 044 Beethoven String Quartets Vol.II 175 kr
IMCD 022 Music in the Gothenburg Cathedral 175 kr

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