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Disc No: CDS-438
Price: Sek. 25 The Adagio MS 49 for violin and orchestra interpreted by Massimo Quarta on Paganini's violin is now made available as a single CD at special price. In addition to this brief piece of enticing beauty, in world première recording, the CD contains an extensive ROM section. This includes a videoclip of the recording, the history of Paganini's violin, photographs of the instrument and of the interpreter, a list of Dynamic's Paganini releases and the famous violin's technical drawings.       Dynamic on sale

Name: Paganini
Unpublished Adagio

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Paganini, Nicolo MS49 Adagio for Violin and Orchestra   Orchestra del Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova - Massimo Quarta, violin
    History of Paganini's Violin    
    Photographs of the instrument    
    Photographs of Massimo Quarta    
    Videoclip of the recording    
    Catalogue of Dynamic Paganini's releases    
    Technical Drawings    
    Printable documents    

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