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Disc No: CDS-439
Price: Sek. 70 Whether it be a question of metaphysics or simply one of "physics", piano writing which multiplies hands and fingers on the keyboard of a piano must necessarily experience a fatal syndrome of splitting and of highly fertile "uncertainty". An exceptionally rich and fruitful "philosophical" doubt, for it is around it that many composers created some of the most vital piano pages in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Here thus are Lutoslawski's prodigious Paganini Variations, Kurtag's sentimental and visionary Játékok (Games), Ligeti's       Dynamic on sale

Name: Piano four hands

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Kurtág, György   Pieces from Játékok   Paola Biondi, Piano
Debora Brunialti, Piano
Kurtág, György   Durch Adam's Fall ist ganz verderbt  
Kurtág, György   In memoriam Sebök György  
Kurtág, György   Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit  
Kurtág, György   Monument  
Kurtág, György   Selbstportrait  
Kurtág, György   Bewegung  
Berio, Luciano   Linea  
Scriabin, Alexander Op. posth Phantasie  
Lutoslawsky, Witold   Paganini Variations  

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