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Disc No: CYP5605 If all the greatest music festivals invite her for important creations, if she has signed an exclusive contract with Boosey & Hawkes, maybe it is by chance. Or is she definitely this new marvel of contemporary music often discussed in superlative terms by the finest connoisseurs ? Keiko Harada, Japanese citizen and musical globe-trotter, could perhaps become one of the major female composers of the XXIth century. Cypres is glad to welcome her in the prestigious Ictus collection, more and more indispensable as a very high level testimony of the present state of music.
Price: Sek. 160
Name: After the winter

Harada, Keiko Heavy Wood
Ictus Ensemble - Georges-Elie Octors
Harada, Keiko Labyrinth VIII
Harada, Keiko Sonora Distancia II
Harada, Keiko Bone +
Harada, Keiko Bone#
Harada, Keiko Bone
Harada, Keiko Abyss

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