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Disc No: CYP5604 Jonathan Harvey (°1939) is a leading British composer who is at the same time close to the French music world. Through his spiritual itinerary, which blends Tantric Buddhism and Roman Catholicism, he can be seen as an heir of Messiaen, with whom he shares a fiery, multicoloured luxuriance of expression, and like many French composers, he has played a role in the re-establishment of euphonious, sensual, expressive yet non-neoclassical harmony based on natural resonance. Ictus continues the project started on earlier CDs for Cyprès (TerryRiley, CYP 5601; Helmut Oehring, CYP 5602): to make use, in art music, of all the creative resources of rock studios, under the supervision of the artists themselves.
Price: Sek. 160
Name: Harvey

Harvey, Jonathan Wheel of Emptiness for 16 musicians & electronics
Ictus Ensemble - Georges-Elie Octors
Harvey, Jonathan Tombeau de Messiaen for piano & tape
Harvey, Jonathan Ricercare una Melodia for oboe & delay system
Harvey, Jonathan Advaya for cello solo, keyboard & electronics
Harvey, Jonathan Ricercare una Melodia version for trumpet & delay system
Harvey, Jonathan Death of Light/Light of Death for oboe, harp & string trio

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