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Disc No: CYP4624 Benoît Mernier, a composer who is happy to describe himself as a craftsman, expressing his ideal in the following simple words that are not without a hint of irony: “to be a decent musician”. A firm believer in the “rhetoric of movement and agility”, he is one of the most sophisticated and complex composers of his genera-tion, a true “modern”. In this programme he emerges as a musician-poet inspired in the ethos of Romanticism. His style is instantly recognisable and, over and above the various sources of his inspiration, he has forged, in the keenest sense of the word, a style that is all his own - the prize that comes with being true to oneself.
Price: Sek. 160
Name: Benoît Mernier
  An die Nacht

Mernier, Benoit (1964-) An die Nacht
Laure Delcampe, soprano
Carmen Fugiss, soprano
Trio Fibonacci
Ensemble Modern - Patrick Darvin
Orchestre Philharmonique de Liege - Peter Rundel
Mernier, Benoit Trio à clavier
Mernier, Benoit Blake Songs

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