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Disc No: CYP4622 Simple instructions: take this disc, place it in your player and settle down between your loudspeakers for an hour and fifteen minutes. It’s a journey worth taking! Difficult to imagine you are listening to only one instrumentalist. Jean-Pierre Peuvion plays the clarinet, all the clarinets, several clarinets at the same time; he is accompanied by electronics, Tibetan bowls and even glass. He also reveals to us the warm, velvety sound of the ‘tarogato’, a wooden instrument of Hungarian origin with a characteristic sound in between that of the clarinet and the saxophone and an instrument that is still used in Romania, mainly for traditional music.
Price: Sek. 160
Name: Takshasilâ

Fourgon, Michel (1968-) Carlo Assassinato_for bass clarinet
Jean-Pierre Peuvion, clarinets
Ledoux, Claude (°1960) Dolphin Tribute_for bass clarinet and Electronics
Robert, Jean-Louis (1948-1979) Takshasilâ_for sopano clarinet
Jaer, Baudouin de (°1962) Una Nota [Dear(e)nd / Turn left]_for soprano clarinet
Peuvion, Jean-Pierre (1945-) Tara Ila_for double clarinets
Peuvion, Jean-Pierre Yara_for soprano clarinet and glass
Lenfant, Patrick (1945-) Duocto_for piccolo, soprano, bass, contrabass clarinets, Tibetan bowls and tape
Peuvion, Jean-Pierre Tecmessa_for tarogato

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