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Disc No: CYP1646 It was a demonstration that gave birth to Prokofiev’s Sonata for two violins: the great composer had heard a work for two violins that he thought excruciatingly dull and so he set to work on the composition of his opus 56 with the intention of proving that so specific a form could nonetheless arouse interest. The exercise was wholly convincing. Nearly 75 years later, the young musicians on this disc have tackled the same demonstration, with a power of conviction – as you will notice – that does not lack arguments.
Price: Sek. 240 (2CD)
Name: Prokofiev - Complete
  violin sonatas

Prokofiev, Sergeď (1891-1953) Sonata for violin solo
op.115     D major
Tatiana Samouil Violin
Plamena Mangova Piano
Boris Brovtsyn Violin
Prokofiev, Sergeď Sonata for violin and piano nr.1
op. 80     F minor
Prokofiev, Sergeď Five melodies for violin ans piano
op. 35bis      
Prokofiev, Sergeď Sonata for two violins
op. 56     C major
Prokofiev, Sergeď Sonata for violin and piano nr. 2
op. 94a     nD major
Prokofiev, Sergeď Valse from the opera war and peace
op. 91      
Prokofiev, Sergeď Scherzo
Prokofiev, Sergeď Russian dance from the ballet "the tale of the stone flower"
op. 118      

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