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Disc No: CYP1645 Accordone continues on its journey through Italian music in this second project devoted to the seven-teenth century, a time of extraordinary literary and musical diversity. The birth of opera – this disc’s nod in the direction of Monteverdi’s Orfeo is crucial – is one of the many signs of a relationship between text and music that is in full evolution. More simply put, the reign of polyphony is giving way to that of an accompanied monody that will touch the listener and excite his emotion by seeking, more than an immutable relationship with the divine, the intrinsic drama of human relationships.
Price: Sek. 160
Name: Recitar Cantando
  (Italy, XVIIth century)

Monteverdi, Claudio (1567-1643) Scena : Messaggera Ed Orfeo*
Accordone (Marco Beasley Voice
Guido Morini Organ, harspichord and musical direction
Enrico Gatti Violin
Rossella Croce Violin
Svetlana Fomina Violin, viola da braccio
Gaetano Nasillo Cello
Stefano Rocco Guitar, archilute)
Monteverdi, Claudio Lettera Amorosa A Voce Sola*
Monteverdi, Claudio Combattimento Di Tancredi E Clorinda
Frescobaldi, Girolamo (1583 - 1643) Aria Di Romanesca*
Frescobaldi, Girolamo Cento Partite Sopra Passacagli
Morini, Guido *Musical Arrangments
Busatti, Cherubino (?-1644) Angela Siete*
Fontana, Giovanni Battista (C.1630) Sonata Xvi Per Tre Violini E Basso
Fontana, Giovan Battista Sonata Viii Perdue Violini E Basso*
Caccini, Giulio Amor Ch'attendi*
Caccini, Giulio Ch'io Non T'ami, Cor Mio?

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