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Disc No: CDS-1042-2 Continuation of the Huber series. This time an immature but vivacious 1th and a refined and personal 7th. This time a beautiful and serene ending of the slow movement of no. 7. Much lovely Swiss folklore in orchestral dress!

Symphony No.1 - Allegretto im langsamen Hochzeitmarschtempo

Symphony No.7 - Abendstimmung in den Bergen

Price: Sek. 159
Name: Hans Huber
 Symphonies 1 & 7

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Huber, Hans Op.63 Symphony No.1 'Tellsinfonie' D minor Stuttgarter Philharmoniker - Jörg-Peter Weigle
Huber, Hans   Symphony No.7 'Schweizerische' D minor

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