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Those whom the Gods love die young
Saturday, 2lst October 1899 in Locarno, Switzerland. The time is nine in the evening and a doctor is visiting a young Finnish patient, the composer Ernst Mielck. He has come to Switzerland with his parents to alleviate the malignant tuberculosis that is threatening his life. The doctor finds that his patient is doing well. But later that night his condition deteriorates, He dies in his mother's arms at half past two in the morning. With the all too premature death of Ernst Mielck, Finland lost a young composer of genius who might even have challenged the preeminence of Sibelius.       read more...
Disc No: CDS-1035-2
Price: Sek. 185
Name: Mielck
 Symphony in F minor


ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Ernst Mielck Op.4 Symphony F minor Turku Philharmonic Orchestra - Hannu Lintu
Ernst Mielck Op.9 Piano Concerto E minor Turku Philharmonic Orchestra - Hannu Lintu
Liisa Pohjola, piano

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