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Disc: RIC 278
Charpentier -
 Rendez-moi mes plaisirs
Price: Sek. 160 (catalogue)
It is now twenty years ago that Henri Ledroit left us. He had been one of the first artists to have faith in the grand enterprise that Ricercar launched in 1980; the recordings that we then took such great delight in making now enshrine priceless memories of him and his art. Henri Ledroit personified the both the joy of singing and the intelligent delivery of the text; these qualities, combined with his richly warm and yet so delicate and fragile voice, created his magic. This recording -- our 2009 catalogue is included with it - is devoted in the main to repertoire that is indeed seldom performed.

ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine (1645-1704) H 463 Rendez-moi mes plaisirs   Ricercar Consort
Henri Ledroit, Countertenor
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine H 471 Orpheé descendant aux enfers 'Effroyables enfers'  
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine H 457 Airs on Stanzas from 'Le Cid' no 1  
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine H 459 Airs on Stanzas from 'Le Cid' no 2  
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine H 458 Airs on Stanzas from 'Le Cid' no 3  
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine H 469 Tristes deserts  
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine H 443 Ah, qu'on est malheureux  
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine H 445 Amour vous avez beau redoubler  
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine H 446 Auprès du feu l'on fait l'amour  
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine H 499a Le Bavolet  
Tunder, Franz (1614-1667)   Salve mi Jesu  
Grandi, Alessandro (1575-1630)   Il primo libro de motetti: Cantabo Domino  
Grandi, Alessandro   Motetti (18): O dulce nomen Jesu  
Grandi, Alessandro   Motetti (18): O intemerata  
Grandi, Alessandro   Il primo libro de motetti: O quam tu pulchra es  
Grandi, Alessandro   Il sesto libro de motetti: Domine, ne in furore  
Monteverdi, Claudio (1567-1643)   Currite populi  
Monteverdi, Claudio   Venite, videte martyrem  
Leopold I   Regina Coeli  

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