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Disc No: RP013
Price: Sek. 163 These were the musicians of the Seicento – the seventeenth century, a hundred years of artistic experimentation, nowadays consigned to the touchlines of musical history with the dismissive term ‘transitional’. Although the great baroque masters who followed have stood the test of time in a way that the madcap musicians of the Seicento would never achieve, the music of these early trailblazers can still infuse us today with the thrill of the unexpected.
Name: Wild Men of the Seicento

Bieber, Heinrich Sonata no.3
F major       RV. 433
Piers Adams, Recorders
David Wright, Organ/Harpsichord
Uccellini, Marco (1610-1680) Sonata Nona
Falconieri, Andrea Dance Suite
G minor
d'Anglebert, Jean-Henri Prelude
Mealli, Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Sonata La Cesfa
van Eyck, Jacob Boffons
Bull, John Fantasia
D minor
Bull, John Fantasia
A minor
Salaverde, Bartolomeo de Selma e (1580-1640) Canzona Seconda
Fontana, Giovanni Battista Sonata seconda
Castello, Dario (1590-1644) Sonata seconda
Corelli, Angello Sonata
C major       Op.5/3

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