The pianist and songwriter Göran Agdur collaborates with violin player Semmy Stahlhammer on this short (21 min) but very enjoyable CD that contains easy listening and relaxing humour in sublime and simple splendour. You find both struggle and miraculous waltzing, both yasmin and zizipompom and whatever, and even a curious cat!
Disc No:  nosag051
Price: Sek. 55 (Single)
Name: Dawn Earth

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Agdur, Göran   winternight conversation     Semmy Stahlhammer, violin
Göran Agdur, piano
Agdur, Göran   valse miracle    
Agdur, Göran   the curtain rises    
Agdur, Göran   starlight of zizipompom    
Agdur, Göran   the dance of dizziness    
Agdur, Göran   valse mélancolie    
Agdur, Göran   struggle on    
Agdur, Göran   dawn earth    
Agdur, Göran   the little boy dreams    

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