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Het Collectief, give us an entirely new, fascinating insight into the Musical Offering of Johann Sebastian Bach. While scrupulously respecting the original score, the five musicians apply a different style of execution to each part, reaching out “con amore” to the Gipsy or Baroque traditions, to Jimy Hendrix, Anton Webern and many others. But beyond their stupendous performance, the musicians convey to the contemporary music lover a refreshingly novel reflection upon Bach’s genius. With this highly original recording, Fuga Libera initiates a new series of productions that will venture off the beaten track to meet and reveal the creative endeavours of today’s classical interpreters.
Name: Bach - Musikalische
  Opfer (revisited)

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Bach, Johann Sebastian   Ein musikalische Opfer   Het Collectief (Thomas Dieltjens, piano, organ, harpsichord & Fender Rhodes / Wibert Aerts, violin / Martijn Vink, cello / Toon Fret, flute, bass flute, alt flute & piccolo / Benjamin Dieltjens, clarinet & bass clarinet)

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