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Here is already the third out of a series of Fuga Libera recordings that explore – discreetly hidden under the number 6 series – the sideroads of the best classical performers. The Astoria Ensemble is the result of accordionist Christophe Delporte’s encounter with six classical artistes under the sign of Astor Piazzolla. Like the Argentinian master, Astoria lies at a crossroads, its extreme care for musical quality matching the approach of classical music, up to and including matters of acoustics and recording. The standard numbers of the ‘tango nuevo’ are given a new twist and density: running the broad gamut of emotions, they range from the gently mischievous to the warmly nostalgic via the brimmingly joyful, and they transport us from the outskirts of Buenos Aires to the sundrenched lands of tropical flora.
Name: Piazzolla
 Tiempo del Angel

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Piazzolla, Astor   Tiempo del Angel   Christophe Delporte - Astoria
Piazzolla, Astor   Verano Porteño  
Piazzolla, Astor   Milonga del Angel  
Piazzolla, Astor   Fuga y Misterio  
Piazzolla, Astor   Oblivion  
Piazzolla, Astor   Contrabajisimo  
Piazzolla, Astor   Melodia en La menor  
Piazzolla, Astor   Muerte del Angel  
Piazzolla, Astor   Chiquilin de Bachin  
Piazzolla, Astor   Invierno Porteño  

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