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Disc No: IDIS 6485
Price: Sek. 50 On 18th October 1956 Hans Knappertsbusch and the Münchener Philharmoniker appeared in Ascona, Switzerland, in a memorable concert in which they performed a vigorous Beethoven’s Eighth Symphony and an exceptional Brahms’s Second. Knappertsbusch, as everybody knows, was not fond of rehearsals and this was reflected in the quality of his performances, which was quite variable depending on the conductor’s frame of mind. This particular concert turned out a great success and is still remembered as one of the highest moments of the German conductor’s career. IDIS now re-proposes it in this complete edition, with an exceptional sound quality.
Name: Knappertsbusch
 The Concert in Ascona

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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Beethoven, Ludwig van Op.93 Symphony no.8 F major Münchener Philharmoniker - Hans Knappertsbusch
Brahms, Johannes Op. 73 Symphony No.2 D major

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