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Disc No: CDLX 7339 The year 1888 was a remarkable one for French pianist-composer Cťcile Chaminade. Her large-scale 'ballet symphonique' CallirhoŽ was produced at Marseilles on 16 March, and a few weeks later, on 18 April, there followed the ConcertstŁck for piano and orchestra, well received in Antwerp and soon across the world
Price: Sek. 165
Name: Cecile Chaminade: CallirhoŽ

CallirhoŽ, Cecile Ballet Symphonique
Op. 37 (1888) (The complete ballet music, researched and edited by Martin Yates from various original scores) /    
BBC Concert Orchestra - Martin Yates / Victor Sangiorgio, piano
CallirhoŽ, Cecile ConcertstŁck for piano and orchestra,
Op. 40 (1888)    

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