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Disc No: CDLX 7219 The vibrant young violinist Jacqueline Roche, accompanied by pianist Robert Stevenson, explores two notable additions to the repertoire of twentieth century British romantic violin music in their attractive Dutton Epoch recital. Walford Davies’s big-boned four-movement Second Violin Sonata, published in 1900, and Holbrooke’s attractive and lyrical Third Violin Sonata of 1926 are commandingly played. To complete the programme comes the charming Sonata of 1925 by Cyril Rootham, and – with different artists (Justin Pearson and Sophia Rahman) – the Arthur Benjamin Cello Sonatina of 1939.
Price: Sek. 165
Name: Joseph Holbrooke
 Violin Sonata

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Holbrooke, Joseph Violin Sonata no.3 ‘Orientale’
op.83 (1926)     F major    
Jacqueline Roche, violin
Robert Stevenson, piano
Davies, Sir Henry Walford Violin Sonata no.2
op.7 (1896)     D minor    
Rootham, Cyril Violin Sonata
-1925     G minor    

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