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Disc No: CYP5608 Exploring his "gradual process" in the early 70's, Reich gives with Drumming one of his most fascinating works. While his composition process is already full of microscopic "abnormal" details which give much pleasure to the listener, it keeps also its allure of a radical minimalistic challenge. Drumming is constructed around one single basic rhythmic-melodic pattern, for an imposing ensemble of percussion (bongos, marimbas, glockenspiel) joined by some female voices, a piccolo flute or a whistling part. The breathtaking feeling of simplicity/complexity in this work is transmitted with an amazing skill by the interpreters. Ictus made this recording with the excellent Synergy Vocals ensemble, concluding a long series of triumphant live performances in Europe and United States : Drumming became indeed a dance spectacle initiated by Rosas, the troup of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, who signed the choreography.
Price: Sek. 160
Name: Reich - Drumming

Reich, Steve Drumming
Synergy Vocals
Ictus Ensemble - Georges-Elie Octors

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