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Disc No: CYP4632 Yvonne, ugly and apathetic, is criticized all day, everyday by her aunt that a such hopeless creature will never find a husband. Extraordinarily and inexplicably, one candidate appears and is none other that the son of the King and Queen, Prince Philippe. The union creates great consternation in the royal household but fortunately a solution to the problem is found when the Royal Court assassinates her with a fish. Yvonne is the final chapter of a quartet of contemporary operas, the fruit of the long term collaboration between Belgian composer Philippe Boesmans and Swiss dramaturg and director Luc Bondy.
Price: Sek. 240 (2CD)
Name: Yvonne,
 Princesse de Bourgogne

Boesmans, Philippe (1936-) Yvonne, Princesse de Bourgogne
Mireille Delunsch - The Queen
Paul Gay - The King
Victor von Halem - Chamberlain
Yann Beuron - The Prince
Dorte Lyssewski - Yvonne
Hannah Esther - Minutillo Isabelle
Jason Bridges - Cyrille
Jean-Luc Ballestra - Cyprien
Guillaume Antoine - Innocent
Marc Cossu-Leonian - Valentin
Klangforum Wien - Sylvain Cambreling
Klangforum Wien
"Les Jeunes Solistes" vocal ensemble - Rachid Safir

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