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Disc No: CYP4627 Benoît Mernier took a peculiar creation path: virtuoso organist, celebrated for the great finesse and elegancy of his lithurgic creations and for the subtlety of his chamber music. Discrete and cultivated composer, here he takes possession of a monument of Germanic literature. Frühlings Erwachen is the enlightened dissection of the troubles of youth by Frank Wedekind, whose plays Pandora ’s Box and The spirit of the earth were the starting point of Alban Berg’s Lulu. Mernier’s Frühlings Erwachen was a complete success on many levels: the piece got the acclaim of international press and La Monnaie’s casting was praised for its subtle balance between renewed singers (Kerstin Avemo, Gaële Le Roy) and budding talents (Thomas Blondelle, Nikolay Borchev).
Price: Sek. 240 (2CD+DVD)
Name: Mernier - Frühlings Erwachen

Mernier, Benoit (1964-) Frühlings Erwachen
La Monnaie - Jonas Alber
Kerstin Avemo, soprano
Thomas Blondelle, tenor
Nikolay Borchev, baritone
Gaëlle le Roi, soprano

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