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Disc No: CYP1670 As a guiding principle of both the universe of English Renaissance and that of Arab Sufism, melancholy, seen as a desire for eternity, has been a perennial source of inspiration that many generations of artists have called upon, whether they were composers or poets and whether they came from the East or the West.
Price: Sek. 160
Name: Divine Madness — Souls in exile

Ferrabosco, Alfonso So Beauty On The Waters Stood
Clare Wilkinson, mezzo-soprano
Moneim Adnam, oud & vocals
Sofie Vanden Eynde, lute
Adwan, Moneim Kan yanqosuna 7adder
Adwan, Moneim Marahel ala etariq
Adwan, Moneim Tala’a albadro fi Doja achear
Adwan, Moneim Asghi ilal ney
Smetryns, Thomas Three Songs of Sighs And Tears
Johnson, Robert Woods, Rocks And Mountains
Lanier, Nicholas Hero’s Complaint To Leander
Dowland, John Lachrymæ Antiquæ
Dowland, John The Earl Of Essex His Galliard
Dowland, John Mr. Dowland’s Midnight
Dowland, John Go Nightly Cares
Dowland, John Flow My Tears
Dowland, John Tanhamero demo’i

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