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Disc No: CYP1651 This project arose from a very simple question that serves as a preamble to any study of the performance of a musical work: what is the original element that lies at the source of the composer’s imagination? This reflection then raises another question: what could be one of the most meaningful inspirational themes of great musical works since the time of Gregorian chant to the present day? The answer was the Requiem.
A History of the Requiem
Vol.1 Ockeghem & Lassus
Vol.3 Bruckner & Duruflé
Vol.4 Bartholomée
Price: Sek. 160
Name: A history of
 the requiem, part II

Campra, André (1660-1744) Requiem - Introitus
Laudantes consort - Guy Janssens
Conor Biggs
Philip deFrancq
Ivan Goossens
Elke Janssens
Arnoult Malfliet
Sandra Nazé
Stephan van Dijck
Campra, André Requiem - Kyrie
Campra, André Requiem - Graduel
Campra, André Requiem - Offertorium
Campra, André Requiem - Sanctus
Campra, André Requiem - Agnus dei
Campra, André Requiem - Post communio
Haydn, Michael (1737-1806) Requiem - Introitus
Haydn, Michael Requiem - Kyrie
Haydn, Michael Requiem - Sequentia
Haydn, Michael Requiem - Offertorium
Haydn, Michael Requiem - Sanctus
Haydn, Michael Requiem - Benedictus
Haydn, Michael Requiem - Agnus dei
Haydn, Michael Requiem - Communio

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