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Disc No: CYP1615 In 1997 Francette Bartholomée was the first to demonstrate the Pleyel chromatic harp with crossed strings on a record. Many composers wrote for this instrument that was gradually to be replaced by the chromatic harp with pedals (called diatonic). This was notably the case with Claude Debussy, whose famous "Danses sacrée et profane" was composed for chromatic harp. It is heard here for the first time in its original version, with the free-sounding resonances and richly chromatic chords. The journey continues with works by Enesco, Koechlin, Roussel and Vierne for either chromatic or diatonic harp, highlighting the particular sonorities of each instrument. These pieces are separated by a real revelation, the "Suite brève" for flute, viola and diatonic harp by Léon Rohozinski, a very beautiful French work from the 1920s. The recital concludes with a moment of great emotion, the "Cantilena e Scherzo" by Gian Carlo Menotti. The great quality of sound and the excellent partners of a Francette Bartholomée at the top of her form make this record an event.
Price: Sek. 160
Name: Harp Landscapes

Debussy, Claude (1862-1918) Danses For Chromatic Harp And Strings
Trio Medicis
Francette Bartholomée, chromatic and diatonic harps
Bernard Pierreuse, flute
Ning Shi, viola
Enescu, Georges Allegro De Concert For Chromatic Harp
Menotti, Gian Carlo Cantilena E Scherzo For Diatonic Harp And String Quartet
Rohozinsky, Léon Suite Brève For Flute, Viola And Diatonic Harp
Roussel, Albert Impromptu For Diatonic Harp
Koechlin, Charles (1867-1950) Nocturne For Chromatic Harp
Vierne, Louis (1870-1937) Rhapsodie for diatonic harp

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