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Avie Records  
Disc No: AV 2353
Price: Sek. 155 Tilting at windmills. The long-suffering Sancho Panza. Sighs of love for Dulcinea. The familiar and fanciful themes of the Don Quixote legend are brought to life by Apollo’s Fire in Telemann’s imaginative portrayal.
Name: Telemann: Don Quixote


ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Telemann,Georg Philipp (1681 – 1767) TWV43:G7 Concerto polonois G major Apollo’s Fire - Jeannette Sorrell
Telemann,Georg Philipp TWV52:E1 Concerto for flute and recorder E minor Apollo’s Fire - Jeannette Sorrell
Michael Lynn, recorder
Kathie Stewart, flute
Telemann,Georg Philipp TWV50:1 Grillen-symphonie (Whimsical Symphony)   Apollo’s Fire - Jeannette Sorrell
Henry Peyrebrune & Tracy Rowell, contrabass
Telemann,Georg Philipp TWV55:B8 Ouverture Burlesque   Apollo’s Fire - Jeannette Sorrell
Telemann,Georg Philipp TWV55 Burlesque de Don Quixotte (Don Quixote Suite)  

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