This second volume in VAI’s retrospective on Russia’s most popular dance troupe features such colorful works as the Aragon Jota, the clever Bashkirian Dance, where choreography is heightened by optical illusion, and the extended, rollicking Greek Suite providing an exhilarating finale to another Moiseyev spectacular.
Disc No: VAI 4461
Price: Sek. 315
Name: The Astonishing Moiseyev
 Dance Company, Vol. 2

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System Regional Code Picture format Sound format Subtitles Length
  0 Color Mono   80 min.

Composer Name Opus Key Performer
  “Summer” from Russian Dance Suite     Moiseyev Dance Company - Igor Moiseyev
  Venezuelan Dance    
  Aragon Jota    
  Moiseyev Speaks (filmed segment)    
  Bashkirian Dance (filmed segment)    
  Moldavian Suite    
  Old City Quadrille    
  Gypsy Dance    
  Greek Suite    

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