Live Performance Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Moscow • 1975
Since its founding more than seventy years ago, the Moiseyev Dance Company, through its extensive touring schedule, has brought its theatre of national dance to millions of its fans. Among the highlights in this present collection are a grand staging of the “Polovetsian Dances” from Prince Igor; the mesmerizing "Partisans" in which the dancers glide across the stage with their bodies ridgidly immobile; and an audience favorite, Gauchos, in which three male dancers take machismo to elaborate lengths.
Disc No: VAI 4460
Price: Sek. 315
Name: The Astonishing Moiseyev
 Dance Company, Vol. 1

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System Regional Code Picture format Sound format Subtitles Length
  0 B&W mono EFIGS 54 min.

Composer Name Opus Key Performer
  Russian Dance Suite - Summer     Moiseyev Dance Company - Igor Moiseyev
  Kalmyk Dance    
  Beylorussian Dance: Jurochka    
  Adjarian Warrior Dance    
  Russian Dance: Polianka    
  Russian Quadrille    
  Russian Dance    
  Moldavian Dance: Tabakariaska    
  Uzbek Dance    
  Comic Dance: Labyrinth    

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