Subtitled “A Portrait in Dance,” this 1990 documentary about Ekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vasiliev features extensive performance footage, including excerpts from Romeo & Juliet (both the Prokofiev as well as a production conceived for them by Béjart), Anyuta, Spartacus, etc. They are also seen coaching younger dancers, including Eric Vu An, Assaf Messerer, Elisabeth Maurin, and Richard Wilk. DVD includes a bonus segment of Katia & Volodia in the Balcony Scene from Prokofiev’s Romeo & Juliet, taken from a 1974 film of the complete balle
Disc No: VAI 4457
Price: Sek. 290
Name: Katia & Volodia:
 A Portrait in Dance

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System Regional Code Picture format Sound format Subtitles Length
  0 Color     58 min.

Composer Name Opus Key Performer
Prokofiev, Sergei Romeo & Juliet (excerpts)     Ekaterina Maximova
Vladimir Vasiliev
Prokofiev, Sergei Anyuta    
Prokofiev, Sergei Spartacus    
Prokofiev, Sergei Romeo & Juliet - Balcony Scene    

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