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Paco de Lucia is the undisputed grand master of the Flamenco guitar. No one else has influenced as many Flamenco guitar players as he has. He has not only given the Flamenco guitarists of Spain and the rest of the world important impulses for their own playing; countless others from differing musical directions have had Flamenco's doors thrown open by his work. Paco de Lucia is the role-model, idol and precursor of modern Flamenco - and has been for more than thirty years now. Although he probably did not choose this role himself, he nevertheless likes to fulfil it time and again as a duty to the whole Flamenco world. Paco de Lucia has come to accept this calling as his life's work.
Paco de Lucia is anything but effusive; on the contrary, he is a completely normal person. He does not care about fame or publicity, being instead reserved and media?shy. In spite of this Michael Meert succeeded in presenting a complete and highly personal portrait of Paco de Lucia in this documentation, allowing an insight into the life and work of a fascinating man and musician.
Disc No: 100 204
Price: Sek. 80
Name: Light and Shade
 A Portrait of Paco de Lucia

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PAL 0 4:3 Dolby Digital 2.0 F Voice Over: GB, D 60 min

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Michael Meert Paco de Lucia - Light and Shade     Paco de Lucia, guitar  

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