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Michael Tilson Thomas

SFS Media
A premium edition two-disc recording of the complete symphonies of Robert Schumann, one of the most evocative composers of the Romantic era.

Toccata price: Sek. 300

Julius Beliczay

This is our first Hungarian Romantic CD. Julius Beliczay is a truly sensational but forgotten composer who completely mastered the symphonic art. Much influenced by Robert Schumann and some believe his orchestrations are even better.
Toccata price: Sek. 159

Vaughan Williams

Hallé Society
The Fourth Symphony was first performed in 1925 and, echoed the relative dissonance of recent works such as the oratorio Sancta Civitas, the Piano Concerto and the masque for Dancing Job.

Toccata price: Sek. 155

Antonio Meneses

Antonio Meneses celebrates the 35th anniversary of winning First Prize and the Gold Medal at the International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow, as well as his 60th birthday in August, with his first recordings of three cornerstones of the cello concertante repertoire

Toccata price: Sek.155

Artur Rubinstein

Re-release in multichannel from a Quadrophonic LP master is Artur Rubinstein performing three piano pieces, Rach 2, Saint-Saens no.2 and Fallas Spanish gardens. What an iconic release!. Se more quad re-release at Dutton

Toccata price: Sek. 165

Julian Carrillo

In 1899 the Mexican government awarded a grant to the young musician, Julian Carrillo then aged 24, to continue his studies in Europe. In Leipzig he entered the Royal Conservatoire where he studied composition with Salomon Jadassohn

Toccata price: Sek. 159

Rachel Barton Pine

Billboard chart-topping violinist Rachel Barton Pine traverses Paganini’s ground breaking set of 24 Caprices with virtuosic flair and, in equal measure, reverence for the bel canto – or “beautiful singing” – style of the composer’s generation.

Toccata price: Sek.215 (2CD)


Hallé Society
Wagner’s last opera, Parsifal, which the composer declared to be his 'farewell to the world' has been described as being in many ways the most 'total' of all his 'total art works'. His spiritual swansong unfurls as a slow-moving, ritualistic drama, and is arguably the best-suited of all his operas to the style of concert staging offered here.
Toccata price: Sek. 355 (4CD)

Erling Blöndal Bengtsson

The highly acclaimed series of never before published recordings with the cellist Erling Blöndal Bengtsson this time takes precious jewels from the Swedish Radio Archive including many first performances and first releases on CD

Toccata price: Sek. 250 (2CD)

Adrian Chandler

Adrian Chandler and his period-instrument ensemble La Serenissima present The Italian Job, a collection of colourful concertos by composers from four cities with a rich musical heritage

Toccata price: Sek. 155

Torsten Mossberg

Kurt Weill was a completely groundbreaking composer in that he, along with Bertolt Brecht developed the characteristic cabaret style (Song) inspired by the American jazz music, minstrel shows and vaudeville with influences from Jewish klezmer music.

Toccata price: Sek. 225 (2CD)

Nicolas de Grigny

French organ music from the period of Louis XIV to the Revolution has always held fascination for performers and listeners alike. The kaleidoscope of colours, the rich and varied styles, and the sheer exuberance of the music never fail to captivate. Yet, performance practice of this music has never been fully understood.
Toccata price: Sek. 215 (2CD)
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