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Disc No: TOCC 0121
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Name: Shostakovich:
  Songs for the Front

During the Siege of Leningrad, which lasted from 1941 to 1944, Shostakovich was famously photographed in a fireman’s outfit on the burning rooftops. But he also made a musical contribution to the defence of the city, arranging a series of songs – operatic arias, classical numbers and popular Soviet hits – for voices, violin and cello.
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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Rossini, G.   The Alpine Shepherdess   Natalia Pavlova, soprano
Varvara Chaikova, soprano
Tatiana Abramenko, mezzo
Magdalina Ganaba, mezzo
Mikhail Vekua, tenor
Ivan Bolgov, tenor
Taras Yasenkov, tenor
Dmitry Volkov, bass
Ayako Tanabe, violin
Alexander Yuts, violin
Ivan Ivanov , violin
Valery Masterov, cello
Valery Verstyuk, cello
Nikolay Khondzinsky, director
Beethoven, Ludwig van   Scottish Drinking Song  
Bizet, Georges   Carmen, Habañera  
Weckerlin, J-B.   Mother, what is love  
Leoncavallo, R.   Pagliacci, Arlecchino’s Serenade  
Mussorgsky, Modest   Gopak  
Mussorgsky, Modest   Sorochintsy Fair, Khivrya’s Song  
Mussorgsky, Modest   Sorochintsy Fair, Parasya’s Dumka  
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nicolai.   Sadko, Song of the Varangian Guest  
Gurilyov, A.   I Shall Tell Mama  
Gurilyov, A.   The Little Sarafan  
Ippolitov-Ivanov, M.   I Sit on a Rock  
Gulak-Artemovsky, S   A Cossack beyond the Danube, Duet of Karas and Odarka  
Dargomyzhsky, A.   Fever  
Dargomyzhsky, A.   Grenada Clothed in Mist  
Dargomyzhsky, A.   Rusalka, Olga’s Song  
Dargomyzhsky, A.   Rogdana, Comic Song  
Verstovsky, A.   Gypsy Song  
Pritzker, D.A.   Girl’s Song  
Dunaevsky, I.   The Merry Fellows  
Dunaevsky, I.   Anyuta’s Song  
Dunaevsky, I.   The Beethoven Concerto, March of the Pioneers  
Dunaevsky, I.   The Children of Captain Grant, Sing for us, wind  
Dunaevsky, I.   Song of the Sea  
Pokrass, D.Y.   Farewell  
Pokrass, D.J.   Pokrass, D.Y.: Sons of a Working People, Those are not storm clouds  
Milyutin, Y.   Mitka-Lelyuk, Do not touch us  
Blanter, M.   Shchors’s Song  

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