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Disc No: TOCC 0091
Price: Sek. 81
Name: Schnittke Discoveries

The output of Alfred Schnittke (1934–98) has been documented in recordings more thoroughly than that of any other Russian composer since Shostakovich. But there are a number of works which have not yet been released on CD.
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ComposerOpusMusicKey Performer
Schnittke, Alfred (1934–98)   Dialogue   Drosostalitsa Moraiti, piano
Alexander Ivashkin, cello
Ensemble Pentaèdre de Montréal - Jeremy Bell
Nelly Lee, soprano
Bolshoi Soloists’ Ensemble - Alexander Lazarev
Liora Grodnikaite, sprano
Oleh Krysa, violin
Natalia Lomeiko, violin
Konstantin Boyarsky, viola
Schnittke, Alfred   Magdalina  
Schnittke, Alfred   Yellow Sound  
Schnittke, Alfred   Piano Preludes  
Schnittke, Alfred   Variations for string quartet  

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